Professional Soft and Power Washing to Make Your Home Shine!
(Now Serving Pennsylvania)

A cheerful water droplet with eyes, a smile, and arms is holding a power washing nozzle, spraying water. The text reads "Suds Power Washing & Interior Painting" in bold blue letters, with a water droplet replacing the "O" in "POWER".

Because Your Home Deserves a Spa Day Too!

A multi-story beige house with white trim is shown. It has several windows of varying sizes and styles, including double-hung and dormer windows. Green bushes and trees surround the base of the house. The interior painting complements its exterior charm perfectly, even on an overcast day with gray clouds.

Since 2013, Davis Painting has provided Power Washing services. A decade later, we’ve rebranded to SUDS Power Washing! We’re determined to stay ahead of the curve in the exterior cleaning industry, consistently adopting the latest techniques to deliver exceptional results. Our technicians are highly trained in getting the mold and muck off your outdoor surfaces to reveal a sparkling exterior. Washing residential and commercial spaces, SUDS can transform almost any surface from pool decks to fences. Want additional services? We also offer gutter and window cleaning!

A person in a white T-shirt and blue cap is power washing the exterior of a house. The T-shirt has a logo with a smiling water drop holding a power washer, along with text reading "Suds Power Washing" and the website URL "justhiresuds.com." They also offer interior painting services to complete your home makeover.


Our high-pressure water streams effectively remove dirt, grime, mold, and other contaminants from various surfaces.

A wooden fence with vertical slats is shown, featuring one section painted gray and another in its natural wood color. This charming barrier sits against a lush green background filled with trees and foliage, reminiscent of an exterior that's as thoughtfully crafted as interior painting.


Our low-pressure techniques and specialized biodegradable solutions gently remove stains, mold, algae, and dirt from delicate surfaces.

A close-up of a gutter on the edge of a roof clogged with dried leaves and twigs. Sunlight filters through the surrounding greenery, illuminating the scene. In contrast to this outdoor mess, imagine an interior painting project that transforms your living space into an organized haven. A brick pathway and some plants are visible in the background.


Removal of debris, leaves, and other blockages from gutters and downspouts, safeguarding your home from water damage and maintaining optimal water flow.

A person wearing a black tank top and cap is using a long telescopic pole to clean the second-floor windows of a beige house with black shutters. The house, which has just undergone interior painting, is surrounded by green trees, and the sky is partly cloudy.


Our water-fed pole systems, which employ pure water will eliminate grime and hard water stains from the exterior side of your windows. 

Two people are seen cleaning the exterior windows of a house. One person is wiping a window with a squeegee, while the other, wearing a "Suds Power Washing" shirt, observes. Inside, there's prep work for interior painting visible through the windows. The house is white with black shutters and greenery and a white fence in the background.

Shows Up On Time, Every Time

Ditch that contractor that is leaving you wondering when they are coming! Your time is precious and SUDS respects that by showing up right on time, every time.

A backyard patio featuring interlocking stone pavers in two distinct colors and patterns: beige with a grid design and a larger pinkish section with a more abstract design. Landscaping elements like grass, shrubs, and flowers border the patio, creating an inviting space that complements the home's interior painting.

Uses the Highest Quality Equipment

From water-fed pole systems to bleach neutralizers, SUDS doesn’t skimp on our equipment. Top-tier power washing equipment ensures thorough cleaning and pristine results.

A firefighter is cleaning the floor inside a fire station, using a hose to spray water. Two fire trucks with emergency lights and equipment are parked inside, alongside an area designated for interior painting projects. The station’s bay doors are open, revealing a sunny day with trees and a white fence outside.

Depend On Us at SUDS Power Washing

We are a customer service company that happens to power wash in the process! SUDS prides itself on getting back to you right away and always having a spot for your project on our schedule. 

A person wearing a cap and boots is holding a hose, watering plants in a well-maintained garden with colorful flowers. The garden is in front of a house with a stone exterior, large windows, and a white porch. Nearby, the smell of fresh interior painting hints at recent home updates. A sidewalk curves in front of the garden.

Solutions For Your Surfaces

You call us with your problems and we will bring the solutions for all those tough stains, dirt, and grime on your home or business.

Very happy with my clean house, fence and porch. Davis and John, the two men who did the work, did a fantastic job. They were personable and arrived on time and were very thorough. Highly recommend this Company and will be using them again in the future.
Sharon S
A serene backyard pool scene with a freeform in-ground swimming pool surrounded by a neatly trimmed lawn. A small pavilion with a bench and a decorative hanging, reminiscent of an exquisite interior painting, is located at the far end, and the area is framed by lush greenery and bushes.
A spacious wooden deck glistening with rainwater is bordered by black metal railings and attached to a brick house with glass doors, inviting you inside where expert interior painting enhances the warm, cozy ambiance. In the background, trees and additional houses are visible through the railings.
A paved pathway runs alongside a tall wooden fence, bordered by a strip of rocks. A coil of hose lies on the ground near the fence. Trees and greenery are visible in the background, enclosing the residential area, creating an inviting ambiance perfect for contemplating future interior painting projects.
A section of a house exterior with weathered wood shingles and two rectangular windows. The house has brick walls on either side. A metal ladder rests against the right side of the building, reaching up to the roofline, perhaps left from an interior painting job. Nearby tree branches are visible in the foreground.

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